President Mugabe’s Fall From Grace Was Because of Grace Mugabe – Analysts

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According to political analysts, the overthrow of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe was due to the antics of his wife, Grace.

“The crisis has been triggered by Grace because she wanted to grab power and to have Mugabe remove a lot of people,” Shadrack Gutto, director of the Centre for African Renaissance Studies at the University of South Africa, said.

“She overreached herself. She has done a lot to accelerate the removal of her husband from power.

“The military decided that enough is enough.”

Knox Chitiyo, of the Chatham House think-tank echoed this sentiment.

“The Zimbabwean army feel they have the right to have a president they approve of,” Knox said.

“They had to act now before Grace was appointed as vice president at the ZANU-PF party congress next month. Grace’s team got within weeks of success.”

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