Dakar Residents React to Overturning of Presidential Poll Delay

Senegalese awoke Friday (February 16) to the outcome of a historic decision.

Many people in Dakar applauded the nation’s highest electoral authority’s decision to cancel the government’s delay of a presidential election slated for this month and reschedule it for December.

Senegal has never had a postponed presidential election since its independence in 1960.

“This ruling demonstrates that fairness is normal. “I didn’t expect it to be franlk; I thought the Constitutional Council would follow President Macky Sall’s decision, but with this new turn of events, I really think there is justice,” Dakar resident Mahoumoudou said.

The constitutional council encouraged authorities to organize “the presidential election in the shortest possible time” on late Thursday (Feb. 15), admitting that the initial timetable of February 25th could not be kept.

President Sall announced the postponing of the polls on February 3rd, just hours before official campaigning was set to begin.

“The Constitutional Council has opened a breach, now we need a consultation to have a free, inclusive election, we need to discuss well and organize the elections,” Abdoulaye, a teacher, said.

Macky Sall postponed the election, claiming a conflict between the judiciary and the legislature over the final candidate list.

Parliament approved a delay until December and agreed to retain Sall in power until his successor takes office, which is unlikely before early 2025.

The postponement was rejected by opposition leaders, and deadly protests erupted across Senegal, resulting in at least three deaths, several arrests, and mobile internet outages, exacerbating political tensions in one of Africa’s most stable democracies.

On Friday, the regional organization ECOWAS asked all “stakeholders in the electoral process to comply with the decision of the Constitutional Councils” and “give priority to inclusive dialogue.”

Furthermore, it urged “competent authorities to set a date” for the election.

14 out of the 20 presidential contenders in this election filed an appeal with the Supreme Court.

As Senegal awaits President Macy Sall’s response, further protests are planned for Saturday (February 17).

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