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Britney Spears’ Dad Jamie is Pictured for the First Time After Leg Surgery

Jamie Spears, Britney Spears’ estranged father, has been spotted for the first time after having his leg amputated due to a nasty infection.


On Tuesday, December 12, Jamie was spotted being wheeled to his vehicle outside a storage facility and settling into the passenger seat of a vehicle near the Spears’ family home in Kentwood, Louisiana.


Britney has stated that she will ‘never’ reconcile with her estranged father, even if he is in poor condition, since she refuses to forgive the man who has ‘hurt her’ in unimaginable ways.


Jamie oversaw the conservatorship of Britney for 13 years, which she has described as ‘abusive.’ 


The singer, 42, appeared to hint at a possible reunion after she shared a series of throwback photos on Instagram with her sons Sean and Jayden including one with her estranged father, 71. 


But a source close to the singer has shut down any talk of an attempt to heal their fractured relationship and confirmed the singer is forging on with the legal battle against her father.


‘There is no chance, ever, that Britney will reconcile with her dad,’ the insider told exclusively. ‘He hurt her in ways not imaginable and, regardless of what happens to his health, she will never forgive the man, dead or alive. 

‘The only reason that Britney included this photo is that she loved the picture with her son. It had nothing to do with her dad or his health issues.’


The photo posted by the singer featuring Jamie was taken in Los Angeles in 2008, the year she was forced into her conservatorship – and shows him walking with Britney and one of his grandsons.

Britney detailed the ‘abuse’ she suffered at the hands of her ‘alcoholic’ father for years in her recent memoir, The Woman in Me, claiming he had her every move monitored and saw her as nothing more than the family’s ‘cash flow.’


She also claimed her father threatened her with court if she didn’t agree to another stint in rehab in 2018, and said she would look like an ‘idiot’ if she refused. 

In her book, Britney detailed multiple instances in which she was allegedly abused by her father.


In court documents, former special agent Sherine Ebadi accused Jamie of financial mismanagement, diversion of resources, and other abuses. He was alleged to have paid himself $6 million during the conservatorship.


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