Appointment of New Prime Minister in Chad Sparks Mixed Reactions

After a vote, Succès Masra, an opposition leader, was named the next prime minister of the Fifth Republic of Chad.The declaration was made shortly after the resignation of the previous prime minister, Saleh Kebzabo. Although the news was aired live on national television, there were differing opinions in the streets of the city, Masra’s political party, and the Transformers in Ndjamena.

Amidst the celebrations among the supporters gathered at the Transformers party headquarters, there were also murmurs of doubt and dissatisfaction from the general public.

A resident of Ndjamena expressed both optimism and disappointment:

“We have confidence that he will rise to the challenge his predecessors couldn’t meet. It’s a positive move, but negatively, I expected Masra to be the President. Back in the days of the Marshal, he was offered the position but declined. So, why refuse to serve the father and now serve the son? This is why many young people are disappointed today because many have suffered due to Masra.”

Some feel humiliated and betrayed.

A supporter of the Transformers voiced her concerns:

“We want him to explain why. We’ll listen to him, but everything he has done is abnormal. So many people are in difficulty because of him; people are in exile because of Mr. Masra. But today, he has humiliated us.”

A civil society participant named Enoch Djondang underlined the need of peace, citing Masra’s absence from the great national dialogue in 2023—an inclusive and sovereign forum. Djondang believes that Masra’s selection was a wise choice that would avoid future disputes brought on by exclusions, which have in the past caused instability in Chad.

Djondang stated:

“The fact that two significant players, those who control the military and repression machinery and those who influence the discontented youth on the streets, are willing to work together despite the challenges and external influences, is a step towards peace for us Chadians.”

He thinks the country’s problems, which stem from bad leadership, can be mitigated by the next prime minister. This appointment shows that two youthful leaders with disparate political experiences can work together to advance the nation.

With a mixture of optimism and pessimism for the future, the Chadian people await the developments as Success Masra has just a few days to establish his new government.

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