Africa’s Richest Woman’s Husband Sentenced To Jail For Fraud

Isabel Dos Santos, considered by Forbes to be the richest woman in Africa has been plagued with a major setback after court sentenced her husband, Sindika Dokolo, the son-in-law of Angolan President Jose dos Santos to prison for fraud.

Sindika Dokolo, a businessman and art collector was sentenced to jail for fraud in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The culprit was on Wednesday jailed in absentia for real estate fraud.

However, Sindika, widely known to be a huge critic of the Democratic Republic of Congo President, Joseph Kabila and his supporters took to his Twitter page to react to his sentence as he accused the president and his cohorts of orchestrating the conviction.

He wrote: “I have just inaugurated a $400 million factory. Kabila has condemned me to one year in prison over a plot of land.?”

Sindika while speaking after the sentence on Thursday told Reuters that the verdict delivered by the court was politically motivated.

He said: “This conviction is so crude. It seems that Kabila and the intelligence service are no longer even concerned about appearances.”

The businessman further noted that the case for which he has been sentenced to jail term had earlier been decided upon and he had been acquitted.

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