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Ghana: ‘Daniel Duncan Williams Will Be A Powerful Prophet’ – Sonnie Badu

Rockhill Chapel founder, Rev. Sonnie Badu, has prophesied that Archbishop Duncan Williams’ controversial son, Daniel, will one day become a very powerful man of God.

He said the controversial cloak will be cleared and a new identity will be bestowed upon him.

Daniel Duncan Williams has been embroiled in a number of incidents, most notably his well documented social media meltdown on Twitter and Snapchat.

Daniel had accused his father of being a devil in other situations since he had paid the police to arrest him after threatening to leave their home.

He had also uploaded naked recordings of himself doing s**ual actions on women, among other things.

Daniel, also known as ‘Dee Wills,’ said in early June that his father was not supportive of his rap career and had thus cut him off.

He said the nude videos were his way of staying true to himself and connecting with his fans.

After all the scandals, Daniel rendered a public apology to his father.

He had been spotted severally preaching to his peers on social media, asking them to abstain from drugs and other vices.

Nonetheless, in the midst of this development, Sonnie Badu has pronounced that everything he had gone through is an indication that God will use him someday.

Rev. Sonnie Badu called on his followers to save his post as evidence when the word of God starts manifesting.

“Duncan William is going to be a very powerful Prophet of God, You can mark down this date. Everything he is going through is an indication that God is about to use him mightly.. There is a generation that is arising, and he will be the only one able to easily access them and make an impact. Just remember this day and know that God’s ways are not our ways .. @archbishopnick our generation is blessed to have you. love you,” he wrote on Instagram.

His family attributed his social media outbursts to a bipolar disease relapse.

The family indicated in a statement released on June 9, 2020, in response to many viral video posts by Daniel Duncan-Williams, that their son has been battling bipolar disorder for the past six years.

Failure to take his prescribed medication, according to the statement, causes him to relapse, resulting in his obscene social media posts.

While the family agrees that “the obscenities are abhorrent,” the Archbishop said through his spokesperson, Bishop Ebenezer Obodai, that people must “understand that he (Daniel) has a serious illness.”

He revealed his son was suffering from acute bipolar disorder and subsequently sent the police to check on Daniel during the “meltdown”.

The family urged Ghanaians and people to support them in prayers whiles they continue to seek medical help for him.

“The Archbishop said, “This is a test of his faith. I acknowledge the situation my son is in, and I still love him…please pray for us…. Love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8.”

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