U.S President, Donald Trump Sued For Blocking People On Twitter

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A group of Twitter users blocked by President Trump has filed a lawsuit against him, claiming the president blocking users on the social network is unconstitutional.

On Tuesday, seven individual defendants and the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University filed suit against Trump, press secretary Sean Spicer and Dan Scavino — the White House director of social media.

The suit argues that Twitter is a public forum under the First Amendment, and because the president’s Twitter (@realDonaldTrump) is used for official government announcements, the tweets should be accessible to everyone. The suit asks the president to unblock the users.

“Twitter enables ordinary citizens to speak directly to public officials and to listen to and debate others about public issues, in much the same way they could if they were gathered on a sidewalk or in a public park, or at a city council meeting or town hall,” the lawsuit said.

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