28-Year-Old Entrepreneur Fired from Several Jobs Now Runs an E-Commerce Academy

Christianna Hurt is a successful entrepreneur who possesses resilience, perseverance, and persistence. Her journey as a successful e-commerce entrepreneur and influencer was fraught with difficulties.

She was sacked from several jobs. According to Bauce, Hurt found herself in a precarious situation, which prompted her to turn to affiliate marketing, which introduced her to the world of e-commerce, prompting her to launch the e-commerce academy WealthyCollegeKid.

Hurt informed the site that she founded WealthyCollegeKid because no one in the sector looked like her or resembled her. Furthermore, she believed that people were not attempting to assist others in paying their debts.

“I decided to start this because of the gap in the market. No one looked like me, no one was similar to me, and I felt like people weren’t trying to help people pay bills. At the end of the day, people just honestly want to make ends meet or get their feet back under them. So, I created exactly what I needed as a newbie online looking for a way to pay my rent,” she told Bauce.

WealthyCollegeKid is a college academy that teaches people how to make 6-7 figures every month. According to Bauce, the academy currently has over 50,000 students registered in digital courses and is earning $11 million.

“WealthyCollegeKid is an e-commerce education platform in which I teach others how to sell online on various platforms with various products whether it is their own or another or from a major supplier,” she explained to Orlando Voyager.

Hurt is also a social media influencer and the face of The Boss Palace, an eight-figure brand worth $10.4 million in 2020. Her amazing journey earned her a spot in Forbes’ Next 1000 class and an endorsement from Forbes Under 30.

She is regarded with gradually altering the digital marketing space. When asked if she expected to be successful at such a young age, she said yes. “I knew I’d always make some type of large income, I just didn’t know in what way exactly. But I always pictured being able to go places and explore freely,” she said.

Hurt is a travel influencer in addition to her e-commerce firm. She has traveled to 40 countries in two years. Hurt’s journey as the founder of WealthyCollegeKid and a travel influencer has not been easy. She recalled a loss that culminated in a c-section, which she said ruined her life forever.

“I needed to put my negativity and pain into something more positive so I created just kidding kids Streetwear for infants and toddlers it means the world to me and it’s my pride and joy honestly,” she said.

Despite other failed pregnancies and failed relationships that took a toll on her emotionally, the entrepreneur and travel influencer continues to remember “it’s nice to be important”, she told Orlando Voyager. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that they should find their lane and double down on it. “Don’t let social media make you try to invest or do a million different things,” she said.


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