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Why I Married Portable Despite His Controversial Personality – Nigerian Actress, Ashabi Simple

Ashabi Simple, Portable’s new wife, has explained why she married the singer despite his controversial persona.

Portable and Ashabi, who is an actress, welcomed a new child on June 6.

In an interview with FaceTV, Ashabi said she married the singer because he is supportive and makes her happy.

She said she was worried people would mock her for being in a relationship with the singer.

At the naming ceremony of their child, Portable announced that the actress is now his “housewife”.

Ashabi said she realised that her happiness is all that matters and had to overlook Portable’s controversial personality and people’s perception of him.

“If I see someone and I like him, other people might see him and not like him because what is appealing to me about him might be a turn-off for another,” the actress said.

“I am happy because it was not in my plans and I never considered marrying an actor, let alone a musician. It is a new beginning for me. I’m happy because he (Portable) is supportive and he is ready to be more supportive.

“I faced a lot of challenges but I thank God. Right from the time I started dating Portable, I was scared that people would mock and abuse me. I thought about it and asked myself if people would console me when I am not happy.

“I decided that this is my happiness and since I wasn’t looking for approval, I went for it. I’m happy because my man makes me happy because if he is not there for me, today won’t be possible.”

Portable had previously revealed his plans to have 12 wives before he clocks 40.

“I never reach 30, I don get six wives and plenty of children. Before I reach 40, my housewives would be up to a dozen,” he said.

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