Technology Inventions Capable Of Changing Our Lives

There are already devices no modern human can live without and there are many more to come, which will be able to completely change the way we see the world, the way we live and the way we choose to spend our spare time.


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When the time comes that the mankind will experience the shortage of fresh drinking water, the Watermill will have all the rights to be called our savior. This truly great technology invention is capable of converting air into fresh water. And what is unique about this device is that it has intelligence. It samples the air every 3 minutes to determine the most efficient time to convert the air into water. It also notifies you when you have to change the carbon filter and when it won’t be able to make any more pure water, it’ll just shut itself off.

Vein Identification

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There’s nothing new about our fingerprints being unique to each individual on Earth. Our eyes, faces, voice and signature are also all different. But could you imagine that our vein patterns could be one more feature to add to our uniqueness? Moreover, they can also be used for security purposes. PalmSecure is the name for recent invention meant to confirm a person’s identity. This is a biometric solution, which doesn’t require any physical access and which is believed to become the least vulnerable method of security before counterfeit and theft.

Transparent Smartphones

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Communication has always been a key to success – during war times and in relationships with our business partners or our sweethearts. As compared to old-fashioned pen-and-paper communication, the use of cellphones has definitely had its valuable contribution to our everyday life. Meeting arrangements, topic discussions and other important talks can go via simple calls and messages. And the smartphone itself doesn’t stop on its way to upgrading. The upcoming years promise to gladden us with new transparent phones. What is the benefit? Apart from its completely futuristic look, it is going to be the beginning of transparent electronics. If the technology of implanting transparency proves to be successful with smartphones, soon we’ll be able to enjoy watching our favorite movies on the screens of our windows and mirrors.

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Very soon you won’t be scared of having your samples taken when you come to a doctor, as your samples won’t be taken at all! All you have to do is swallow a single pill, containing sensors and tiny cameras that collect information as they travel through the gastrointestinal tract before being excreted from the body a day or two later. These newly invented electronic pills transmit information such as acidity, pressure and temperature levels or images of the esophagus and intestine to your doctor’s computer for analysis. Doctors can inspect the colon and peer into the stomach using endoscopic instruments. But some areas cannot be easily viewed, and finding out how muscles are working can be difficult. Electronic pills are being used to measure muscle contraction, ease of passage and other factors to reveal information unavailable in the past.

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