South Africa- Dilapidated Soweto school gets a helping hand

An interior design company has offered to help spruce up Megatong Primary School in Soweto, which over the years has become dilapidated because of a lack of funding.

Last month, News24 visited the school where teachers and parents spoke about their battle to keep the school open.

Windows were broken, light fixtures were falling from the ceilings and many classrooms had gaping holes. The schools’ toilets were also in a state – there were no sinks or taps and the majority of the toilets were broken.

The board of directors of design company Landmark approached the school, offering to help with renovations.

In a letter sent to DA Gauteng MPL Khume Ramulifho, the company said it would be delivering 60 litres of roof paint with all the necessary tools and accessories to the school so that they could start fixing the roof.

Two sets of scaffolding would also be sent.

After the roof is fixed, the company said it would start on the electrical work and preparations for painting inside and outside the classrooms.

Renovations starting

School governing body chairperson Anthony Nyembe said renovations were starting on Tuesday.

“Today we are stripping the roofs, removing all the ceiling boards that are broken and scrubbing window panes and all that,” he told News24.

“We will be doing it in stages.”

He said an agreement had been reached with Landmark to have the renovations completed within three months.

The community and parents have volunteered to help with the renovations.

Nyembe said the Gauteng health department had come to fix the school’s toilets, but could not fix the classrooms yet.

“We had others coming on board, so we just said it’s fine, we will [go into] partnership with the companies that are interested to come and help us.

“We cannot wait for the department to say ‘we will only come and renovate after a year or two years’. So we just said let’s just move. So we are moving,” Nyembe said.

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