Somalia’s Intelligence Agency Blocks WhatsApp Groups Used by al-Qaida-linked Militants

Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency announced Tuesday that it has successfully shut down 20 WhatsApp groups reportedly maintained by the terrorist group al-Shabab for extortion and intimidation.

According to a statement from NISA, its cyber branch has discovered virtual platforms for unlawful activity by East Africa’s al-Qaida offshoot.

The agency also stated that it has disabled data services for around 2,500 phone numbers related with them.

Somalia is attempting to disrupt al-Shabab’s communication routes and financial transactions as part of a “total war” proclaimed against the group, which has long controlled sections of the country and carried out attacks in Mogadishu.

African Union peacekeeping soldiers have started withdrawing from the Horn of Africa nation to give over security responsibilities to Somali forces, which have been waging the offensive proclaimed by the president in 2022.

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