Somalia Calls on Ethiopia to Withdraw the Somaliland Port Contract

In a statement released on Wednesday, Somalia’s foreign ministry urged Ethiopia to withdraw its deal with Somaliland.

The ministry stated that there is “no space for mediation unless Ethiopia retracts its illegal deal” with Somaliland and recognizes Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Ethiopia signed the agreement with Somalia’s breakaway province of Somaliland on January 1, causing Somali indignation. Somalia still believes the region to be part of its territory, and the trade was seen a violation of its sovereignty.

The ministry’s statements come after the African Union’s Peace and Security Council on Wednesday called for moderation and said that Somalia’s sovereignty should be respected.

The Council voiced serious worry about the potential regional implications of an escalation of tensions.

Members of the East African regional organization IGAD will gather in Uganda on Thursday to resolve the disagreement.

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