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See Photos Of Prostitute Slept With Police Officers And They Are Begging Her For More

An 18-year-old prostitute has exposed about 32 police officers she claims slept with her over a period of time.
The woman identified as Celeste Guap has sparked investigations across seven law enforcement agencies in California’s Bay Area after revealing she had s*x with multiple officers, even when she was underage.
Dailymail reports that the scandal has prompted three chiefs from the ‘frat house’ Oakland Police Department, to resign and led to the suicide of a cop.
Even at that, the teenager has said that she is still getting calls from officers asking for s*x.
She said she feels ‘guilty’ that the revelations came out, but insists it was just ‘adult consensual fun’.
Guap also said that out of the 32 officers she’d slept with, only three had paid her. However she kept the trysts going because they would share information about criminal investigations.
‘Their perks become your perks,’ she said.
In her latest interview with ABC 7, the mother said she was first paid for s*x at the age of 12 and had her first liaison with a cop when she was 16.
In the almost two years that have followed, police officer’s careers have been put on the line. Sean Whent, Ben Fairow and Paul Figueroa all quit as Oakland Police chiefs in the space of eight days earlier this month as a result of the incident.
Guap claims she slept with three other officers – two from Oakland and one from the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department – while she was a minor.
Guap also revealed that she is still working on the streets, but is concerned as many of the cops she knew have turned their back on her.
Speaking to a reporter in a park where she had allegedly met officers for s*x, she spoke about why she told senior officials in the Oakland Police Department about her illicit relationships.
She said she was in Puerta Rico for her 18th birthday last September when she stumbled into a bad neighborhood, drunk and just wearing a bikini.
Feeling unsafe, she called officer Brendan O’Brien, who she had been close with. But he didn’t pick up. The pair first had sex when Guap was just 17.
They had met when she was being chased down the street by a pimp.
After he ignored the call, she sent a message to someone in the department, naming some of the officers she had been sleeping with.
She also started revealing details of the relationships with members of law enforcement on Facebook, but insisted they were ‘harmless’.
O’Brien committed suicide just hours later, reports suggest. In his suicide note, he reportedly said he still felt the strain of his wife killing herself in his apartment.
He also claims Guap was blackmailing her. She denied that allegation.
The scandal was first reported on May 12 when Guap took to social media.
Referring to officer O’Brien’s suicide, she wrote on Facebook: ‘The only officer I ever messed with underage is sadly gone now, so I don’t know why this is still being brought up.’
The investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct was only opened after O’Brien’s death on September 25, 2015, the Express reports.

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