Omg! Elderly Man Refuses To Pay Prostitute After Oral S*x…What Happens Next Is Shocking (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

An elderly man has engaged a prostitute in an argument leading to an altercation after he refused to pay her money for s*x.

The elderly man allegedly refused to pay after oral sex
An elderly man has attacked a prostitute by whacking her with a walking stick for trying to collect money from him. It was gathered that the prostitute had shouted at the man: “I want my money” as they strolled on the street before the man did the unthinkable.”
The Sun reveals that the video, filmed in Walsall, West Mids, shows the sudden brawl break out between the pair after they were seen strolling along the road peacefully together.
Then some time later, the conversation erupts into a confrontation – as the woman claims to have not been paid fully for her services.
The woman is filmed screaming: “I want my money, I want my money, I want my money.”
She then threatens to ring the police and turns to the person filming and says: “He won’t pay me.
“He’s just done s*x and a b***job with me.
“He tried to give me two quid.”
She added: “Give me 20 quid.”
The man later whacked the stick on the woman as she dared him to beat her. The video has since gone viral online.
Watch video below:

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