SA Radio Presenter, Samora Mangesi, Attacked After Stopping By to Help motorist

A South African radio presenter, Samora Mangesi, claimed he was a victim of a racial attack after stopping to assist a group of white people whose vehicle had overturned.

According to Samora Mangesi, he was driving with two lady friends when the incident happened in Johannesburg.

After stopping to check on the group, they allegedly referred to Mangesi and his friends as ‘monkeys.’

“When we engaged them on why we were being called such, they beat me up until I was unconscious,” wrote the presenter.

“Even whilst I was being put in the ambulance, one of these guys tried to run my friend over with his bakkie (pick-up truck) and the paramedics had to intervene.

“My memory post the attack is very sporadic. I remember going in for a CT scan and then signing papers to leave the hospital. As much as they say I was awake, I don’t remember being in the ambulance, arriving at the hospital nor much of the treatment.

“I sustained injuries on my face, cuts inside my mouth and bruising along the left side of my body from when they kicked me on the ground after one of them had hit me on the back of the head.”

The SABC presenter thought of letting the incident go, “but apparently this is not the first time that this has happened to a black man.”

He has since reported the matter to police and a police spokesman said that a case of alleged assault was being investigated.

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