Nigeria: “Creating a Social Media Account, Looking Like a Slay Queen to Beg For Money Won’t Help You – Comedian, Ali Baba

The veteran Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba took to his Instagram page on Sunday, March 17, 2019, where he used the post of one of the online beggars as a scapegoat by not just sharing it but also captioning it with quite a lengthy post.


“This is something we must not encourage any more. People using emotional blackmail to get people to fund their laziness. OOtoooo ge!!!!! I have shared on my page young Nigerians who decided to go into small businesses like selling groundnuts, working in a bakery, hawking bread, sales girls, office boys, barbers, security guards, keke napep riders, car washers, mechanics, carpenters… all to keep body and soul together. This idea of looking like a slay queen and setting up a social media account and using same to solicit help is not going to get us anywhere.

“That’s why 100s of thousands will flood reality show auditions. See the number of hustlers on Lagos streets, hawking and grinding daily. Some, make like 2K a day. Some make more. I didn’t get here by a stroke of luck. I have squatted, been homeless in Lagos, worked for free, took paid employment with #DPLekkiLtd when it seemed that comedy didn’t pick up like I thought it would. Let’s stop encouraging this lazy behaviours. It will continue to encourage many who see others succeeding at it. The girls coming to do pedicure, weave your hair, pick up househelp jobs, waiters at restaurants, ushers, and so on you think they don’t have pride or don’t have a reason to want to take their lives?

“Please, find something to do. I have between ages 16 and 25, been in all kinds of jobs. Wasn’t any easier. Shoemaker. Bricklayer. Carpenter. Sand digger. Conductor. Bakery worker. Brewery worker. Extra Murals teacher. Kabukabu driver. Smooth mellow deejay. Break dancer… there are several things to do while waiting for things to happen. Begging isn’t one of them,” he wrote.

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