“Please Talk, Unblock Me!”- Kenyan Artist Willy Paul Cries To Jamaican Artist Alaine

A couple of years back,Kenyan artist, Willy Paul and Jamaican Alaine released one of his most successful songs known as “I Do” which currently has over 12 million views.

However, today Willy Paul has set the internet ablaze after he claimed that Alaine has been ignoring him and has even gone ahead to block him after he tried to reach out the last time she was in Kenya. Take a look at what he posted:

“Alaine, we were so good together dear, to be honest meeting you was the best thing ever coz it was like a dream come true.. when u see a man admitting to such, that’ means something big. I woke up today feeling some type of way, you use to like my pics and comment on them.. nowadays I call you and you dont pick.. you dont even reply to my messages.. tell me have I wronged you in anyway? No I dont think so, like I said, i had so much hope in this.. you came to Kenya the other day n didn’t bother looking for me, I was forced to look for you.. what happened after that?? You blocked me.. mmmmh the reason I’m writing this here is for the world to atleast help me get this message to you.. my mum keeps asking me where you disappeared to. But I’m glad you like one of my posts the other day.. maybe that’s a sign. Plus one more thing, there’s a female artist from Tanzania by the name Nandy. Me and her are just friends…. nothing more… that shouldn’t even worry you dear..
Madam boss please talk, unblock me, this silence is killing POZZE, you know who ur legit king is.. Help me fam.. get this message to her”

I hope the Jamaican singer gets the message and not let Pozze to die of silence. On a light note:

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