Petrol Attendant Paid For Woman’s Petrol So She Can Return Home Securely

Supposedly, Monet van Deventer, an random South African lady, pulled in at a petroleum station to get some fuel yet acknowledged she didn’t have her bank card or cash to pay for it.

As indicated by the young lady, she had an inclination that she had forgotten her bank card at home even before she requested her vehicle to be filled.

“While I was looking for my card, a conscientious young man began to clean my windows. After the search, I told him I couldn’t find my card and unfortunately wouldn’t be able to pay for petrol.”

she said. What happened next is what touched the hearts of many.

An attendant at the station surprisingly decided to give her fuel and pay for it on her behalf. “You can’t run out of petrol on the N2. I’ll give you R100, and then you can just bring back my R100 whenever you’re here again.” the attendant identified as Nkhosikho told the woman at the gas station. Without waiting for an answer, he started filling the car with KSh 700 worth of petrol and paid for it.

Nkhosikho didn’t even ask for her name or her number but just wished her a safe drive.

“When I returned later to give him the money, I asked him what made him help me and how could he trust that I would return the money” the lady wrote on social media.

“Ma’am I am a believer!” the attendant said. Monet shared the story on Facebook and inspired many people with the attendant’s story.

“Thank you, Nkosikho, for your lovely heart. You gave me hope today for our country. May Jesus bless your life abundantly!” she wrote.

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