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Nollywood Actress, Angela Okorie Calls Out Ex-PA for ‘Extortion’

Actress Angela Okorie has taken issue with some individuals who she claims are extorting money from people by using her son’s name.

In a string of Instagram posts, Okorie said that Leonard, one of the men who seemed to be her former personal assistant, had used her son’s identity to con her supporters, including a woman in the US.

The actress threatened to have them jailed after expressing her rage about the purported plot.

“Leonard I will not only arrest you I will arrest both including that prostitute of a girl you are using to fight me,” she wrote.

“Leonard, how can you and people be using my son to extort money from others? Leo, you are a shame to manhood. I am coming for all of you, and God will punish you.

“So I was helping this hungry bunch of people, and they all did me dirty? Chamberlain, UD Swagzy, Leonard duped a woman in America, all with my name and my son’s name.

“I cannot be part of any evil in this life. I will not just arrest all of you; I will make sure you guys pay every dime extorted from my fans. Gaddamit.”

In a follow-up post, the movie star shared a screenshot of a text message from an unidentified person allegedly threatening to take her life.

Okorie rose to fame in 2009.

In 2021, she recounted her narrow escape from death after surviving an assassination attempt.

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