Nigerian Singer 2Face Idibia Speaks: Boko Haram Is Not About Islam, It Is A Political Issue

Nigerian hip hop star Innocent 2Face Idibia has stated that the Boko Haram issue in Nigeria is political and not religious as claimed by many.

According to him, “unless government and politicians step up their games by doing the needful in eradicating poverty among the masses, particularly youths, ensure justice to all manner of people or else, ending the Boko Haram insurgency and other violent clashes across the country will be difficult and unrealistic”.

He said this in Maiduguri when he visited people displaced by the Boko Haram war.


“Although, I have seen hope of life among some of these IDPs, all hands must be on deck to the needful by rendering support no matter how little it is. Presently I have a song, titled ‘Hold my Hands’, this song is on many platforms, all people need to do is to download it and use it ringing tone. It will only cost you N50 per month, but will surely contribute in giving hope of life to our traumatized victims of insurgency.

“In my little way, I have come and seen the live in camps and next week, when I go back to Abuja, we are going to do a concert as my proceed donation in alleviating the suffering of the IDPs”, 2Face stated.

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