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Nigeria: My Lawyers Have Initiated Contact To Allow Dotun See Our Kids – Omotayo Oyebanjo

Omotayo Taiwo Oyebanjo claims her lawyers have begun communication with Dotun in order for him to see their children.

Dotun, a Nigerian OAP, married Omotayo, the artist Dbanj’s sister, in 2013.

Their union, however, ran into some difficulties in 2022.

This was after it was revealed that Omotayo had filed for divorce based on allegations of forced abortion.

Dotun has since been involved in a custody battle with Omotayo.

In June 2022, an Abuja high court gave them shared custody of their children awaiting the outcome of the suit.

However, Dotun maintains he is being denied access and that Dbanj is still a source of contention in the case.

Omotayo claims in a statement that she has directed her lawyers to establish contact so Dotun can visit their children.

“I kindly request that we resolve the children’s issue amicably. My legal team has initiated contact, and I encourage your lawyers to reciprocate, provided that we maintain the confidentiality of their address,” she told Dotun.

Omotayo aired her concerns about their two daughters being exposed to the harsh climate of social media.

“In mid-August, you posted a Tiktok video with the girls on Instagram. I urged caution and expressed my concern that our 5 and 7-year-old daughters were too young to be exposed to social media and you know I don’t like it.

“Your reaction was intense. You lashed out at me and my family and reminded me that you had the final say in such matters. You subsequently blocked me on WhatsApp and all social media platforms, to date.”

In a prior outburst, Dotun claimed that Omotayo chose to get an abortion for an ex-boyfriend but afterwards informed the press that he, Dotun, pushed her to do so.

In response, Omotayo stated that Dotun did not allow her enough time to consider the issue with her family before driving her to a medical practitioner where she was aborted.

“You drove me to the doctor despite my pleas, later suggesting that we had reached a mutual agreement despite the unfortunate timing. I didn’t discuss it with my brother. Let’s not use the kids to fight old wounds,” she wrote.

“I want to implore you to exercise restraint in this matter and leave my innocent family out of it.

“There’s a process in place, let’s get it done so that you can have your kids and watch if truly that is the issue.”

Omotayo’s court filing alleged “unending reckless emotional abuse, forced abortion, and vicious domestic violence”.

The divorce was instituted before A. I Akobi of Court 23, High Court of the FCT in suit GWD/PET/25/2021.

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