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Nigeria: I Almost Walked Out of Lagos Club Because DJ Kept Olaying Only Amapiano – Reminisce

The rapper Reminisce remembered nearly walking out of Obi’s House, a nightlife event in Victoria Island, Lagos, because the DJ kept playing just Amapiano.

Amapiano is a musical genre that first appeared in South Africa in 2012. Since then, several Nigerian artists have used its sound, with featured singers also adopting the genre.

Reminisce stated on the latest Zero Conditions podcast that because he was new to the sound at the time, he was astonished that it was played consistently at Obi’s House within Hard Rock Cafe.

Reminisce, born Remilekun Safaru, stated he approached the DJ and asked him to play another genre for “15 minutes.”

He also said he gave the DJ two options — either he left the location or they stopped playing Amapiano.

He added that after his request was granted “the atmosphere actually changed and people loved it”.

“I do not go out. The day I went to that place they normally play Amapiano, Obi’s house. We were there for like an hour and they were playing the sound. And I asked what is happening here? They were just blowing the whistle,” he said.

“Later, I told Badoo that I was going upstairs, but he said I should not go, but I declined. I told the bouncer to follow me. Then I said ‘Obi change that thing’. I told him to give us 15 minutes. Asake is here. Badoo is here.

“Amapiano I am sorry. I do not mean to offend you guys. I mean no disrespect, but just give us 15 minutes and we will be out of here. And the atmosphere actually changed and people loved it. No disrespect to anybody. I was new to that environment. I thought it was just to play Amapiano for like seven and they will add some ‘update’ to it. I just know I cannot take this. Something has to give in here. There were two options. We will either leave… and there are a lot of drinks.”

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