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Niger Republic Reopens Airspace After Coup

Niger reopened its airspace on Monday, nearly a month after imposing a ban following a military coup in July, according to the official Nigerien news agency ANP.

when seizing control on July 26, the coup leaders restricted the country’s airspace until reopening it on August 2 – a move that was overturned on August 6 when regional countries threatened military intervention to restore civilian authority.

“The airspace of the Republic of Niger is open to all national and international commercial flights,” the agency quoted a transport ministry spokesman as saying, adding that ground services had also resumed.

It went on to say that Niger’s airspace remained closed to all operating military flights as well as those requiring prior authorization from the appropriate authorities.

Following the ouster of President Mohamed Bazoum, the Economic Community of West African States placed sanctions on Niger, and the bloc threatened military involvement as a last resort if efforts to restore civilian authority failed.

Niger reopened land and air crossings with five neighboring nations on August 2: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Libya, Mali, and Chad.

Some flights that have gotten special permission have been permitted to continue using Niamey’s airport.

On Friday, the United Nations warned that tons of food aid destined for Niger was stuck in transit due to border closures.


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