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Mysterious Illness Paralyses 95 School Girls in Kenya

Kenyan health officials are concerned about how a strange paralyzing ailment has hospitalized a large number of schoolgirls. They’ve launched an investigation to figure out what’s causing this perplexing outbreak, which might be infectious and have serious implications if left unchecked.

According to local media accounts, the event occurred at an all-girls school in Musoli, Kenya, about 232 miles northwest of Nairobi. According to a popular video depicting the terrifying situation, 95 students displayed odd symptoms.

The youngsters were seen straining to walk, being helped by their peers, and shivering uncontrollably. According to local media, several bedridden students were spotted convulsing, presumably in a hospital environment.

The cause of the outbreak is currently unknown to doctors. Blood and urine samples from the affected girls were sent to laboratories for testing. However, some experts have expressed concerns about the illness, noting that it could be an instance of mass hysteria. Local education officials have raised alarm, citing allegations that the majority of students are fake illness, especially with end-of-year exams just weeks away.

Kenya’s health minister, Susan Nakhumicha, announced that no infections were found among the students of St. Theresa’s Eregi Girls High School.

During her speech to the National Assembly Public Investment Committee on Education and Governance, she said that more tests would be performed to determine the source of the disease. She also stated that a thorough report is due soon.

So far, five tests have been performed, with no infections discovered. Additional samples, however, have been submitted to Nairobi’s Kenya Medical Research Institute for further study.

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