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‘My Mother Always Told Me That She Gave Birth To Me By Mistake’ – Ghana’s Yvonne Nelson Reveals

Yvonne Nelson continues to bare her soul in her recently published memoir titled ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson,’ revealing the heart-wrenching confession her mother made about her being a mistake and her strong desire to terminate the pregnancy.

Looking back on her childhood, Yvonne shares that music and the arts became her refuge, shielding her from the potential loneliness and depression that accompanied her feeling of not fully belonging in her own family.

Recalling the hurtful words her mother would use to inflict pain, Yvonne candidly expresses, “When my mother was angry with me and really wanted to hurt me, she would tell me she had given birth to me by mistake. Whenever she said it, she knew how I felt. She knew she was driving a sharp nail into my heart. I could feel she really wanted to hurt me. Maybe, she was just being truthful.”

She mentioned that the impact of her mother’s words left an indelible mark on her spirit, reminding her constantly that she was not wanted or appreciated while she reflected on the profound emotional toll.

“She made me feel terrible about my existence. I cannot imagine ever getting angry with my daughter and telling her that. And I do not think any child, for whatever reason, deserves such psychological torture,” he disclosed.

In a brave revelation, Yvonne unveils the shocking revelation her mother shared about the attempted termination of her pregnancy.

Yvonne discloses, “My mother told me that when she got pregnant, she did not want to have me, so she went to see a medical doctor to terminate the pregnancy. (My mother has told me that the doctor who saved my life is still alive, but she has not told me who he is or which hospital he worked in.) She took that decision in her sixth month.

“The doctor agreed, and on the said day, she paid the fees, and all was set for the abortion. She lay on the surgical bed and raised her legs, but just when the doctor was about to begin the procedure, he shook his head. ‘I can’t do this,’ the doctor told her. ‘If you really want to do it, go somewhere else. I’m sorry I can’t do it.'”

Yvonne Nelson’s memoir delves deep into the profound struggles she faced and the emotional wounds she carried throughout her life.

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