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5 Bombshells Sarkodie Released in His Reply to Yvonne Nelson’s Memoir

Rapper Sarkodie trended for the better part of last week when he was mentioned in a past relationship with actress Yvonne Nelson in the latter’s memoir titled ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson.’

Yvonne detailed her version of how Sarkodie impregnated her but asked her to abort the child because at the time he was young and not ready to become a father.

In a 3:16 seconds audio track released late Tuesday, June 27, Sarkodie gave his account of what happened with Yvonne Nelson, admitting that they were indeed in a relationship.

But the better part of the track was about clarifications and other bombshells about their past and present. Below are five of the issues he disclosed.

1 – He did not ask Yvonne Nelson to abort the baby, it was her sole decision

2 – He asked her to keep the baby but she chose her education above the baby

3 – He asked his doctor to examine her but she refused the offer

4 – She opted for an abortion doctor prescribed by her friend

5 – Yvonne recently tried to get them to talk about the episode but he turned down her terms.

“You can’t just play victim and paint a picture that she was just looking for love” from all her previous amorous relationships, part of the lyrics went.

“I’m not gonna sit here and lie, we had a thing. First I thought you were cool till I had a hint,” he sang in English before stating in Twi that he though he had gotten a good girl only to realise there were others in the queue after him.

The chorus to the song is translated thus: “If you don’t love me, leave me. Why are you pestering me? What is meant for me you have gone to give to Kwame. I have become teary.

“If you don’t love me, leave me let me be. Someone else is longing to be with me, when you were leaving me you failed to notify me. Baby girl don’t try me.”

Listen to the track below:


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