Meet The Couple Behind Indianapolis’ First Black-Owned Plant-Based Burger Restaurant

Kadeesha and Antoine Wiggins have opened Indianapolis’ first black-owned plant-based burger business. The couple launched their business after becoming dissatisfied with their work and the dearth of plant-based dining options in Indianapolis.

“We found ourselves eating the same things over and over, cooking the same things over and over,” Kadeesha Wiggins, co-owner of Burgeezy, told WRTV. “But we were also getting compliments, like tons of compliments from friends and family about what we were cooking. So eventually, we were like, ‘look, we just gonna step out on faith.’”

In 2021, the pair launched “Indy’s Kitchen,” a kitchen and storage facility for small local enterprises. According to Wiggins, she and her husband had long considered opening a vegan burger shop, especially since they knew the Indy vegan community needed additional places to eat without worrying about what they could order.

“We went to Denver a few years back, and the amount of vegan restaurants that they had blew my mind — because we were new vegans at the time — so you know, coming from Indiana where you have maybe three or four spots, and then going somewhere where there’s dozens, it kind of just made us feel like this is a need,” Wiggins explained.

“A lot of people haven’t tried these burgers or have even tried vegan food because it’s not easily accessible,” she added.

According to Wiggins, the company has grown at an exponential rate since its inception in 2021. They got many others within six months of operation, necessitating the need for extra room.

After taking part in the Be Nimble Foundation’s Melon Ghost Kitchen Accelerator program, they were given the opportunity to create a physical location. Among other resources, they reportedly received two $5,000 grants and a $50,000 investment from Be Nimble Foundation’s Nile Capital fund.

In September of this year, they debuted their new Canal Walk facility amid pop and fanfare. However, the business partners have stated that their success has caused them to slow down.

The entrepreneurs stated that they intend to expand to several places around the United States. They are currently focused on their current location.

“As of right now, obviously we want to make this the best location and then continue to expand and duplicate what we do here,” Kadeesha expressed, according to WISH-TV.

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