How Cedric the Entertainer’s Grandfather Inspired His Debut Crime Novel

Even though Cedric the Entertainer’s bootlegger grandpa died before he was born, stories of his unusual life captivated him. He chose to write a novel based on the narrative of Floyd “Babe” Boyce, a bootlegger in Caruthersville, Missouri, instead of keeping what these stories meant to him.

Many of Floyd’s amazing achievements occurred on July 4, 1948. Cedric shown interest in stories about his maternal grandfather shared by his mother and uncles. Cedric stated that he later overheard comments about how he walked like his uncle or shared comparable qualities with him. The book was his way of chronicling the family tree and its lineage, as well as what it implies for future generations.

Cendric introduces readers to the protagonist, Floyd, and his wartime companion, Karter, as the tale progresses. According to the New York Post, they strike a deal with Chicago’s crime syndicate chief, Tommy Wojak, to purchase 3,000 cases of untaxed bourbon from Canada for $54,000.

However, issues develop when Floyd, who is skilled at card reading, suffers a huge gambling loss. Floyd commits a railway robbery in a desperate attempt to save his wife and protect his family, which has unanticipated and tragic results.

Cedric’s anticipated best-seller was not solely the result of his efforts. He worked with Alan Eisenstock, who gave extensive remarks as well as topics and character descriptions. They collaborated to define the tone of the novel, borrowing inspiration from the Walter Mosley era, particularly “Devil in a Blue Dress.”

Despite difficult circumstances, black men in America aspired to power and enterprise throughout this period. Cedric described how individuals of color emanated gentility in their clothing and manner, a distinct cultural characteristic of seeking for equal footing and acknowledgment.

He expressed a tremendous desire to see “Flipping Boxcars” adapted into a film or a television series. He claimed that the inspiration for the novel came from his aspirations to write a series with comparable themes. He did, however, agree that the series should be set in a more metropolitan setting. To remedy this, he began creating the series based on his grandfather’s experiences in St. Louis during a different time period from the one represented in “Flipping Boxcars.”

Flipping Boxcars would be on the bookshelves on September 12.

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