Helpless Businessman Cries Out After Pretty Wife Cheats With Policeman In Zimbabwe (Photos)

A businessman has been left moaning and crying after a young police officer he caught allegedly having an affair with his wife threatened to embarrass him using his position.

Moussa Toure and Shirlima Toure his wife
A Guinea man living in Zimbabwe has cried out for help after his pretty wife started following a young police officer, thus humiliating him.
H-Metro reports that the man revealed how he came back one day and got the shock of his life when he caught a male stranger sitting in his matrimonial bedroom with his wife.
Moussa Toure, 41, alleges that he caught Spencer Mackenzie Mabeka of Mabelreign in the company of his wife, Shirlima Toure, 31, and an altercation ensued.
The man revealed further that the intruder boasted of being a state security agent, threatened Moussa with deportation.
Shirlima dismissed the allegations saying Mabeka is her friend and Moussa has no right to choose friends for her.
“I didn’t want to entertain you since I had a bad day today but Moussa has no right to choose friends for me because every man he sees me with he takes him as my lover,” said Shirlima.
“If that is what he told you, write whatever you want I do not care, that is rubbish all he told you,” she added.
Contacted for comment, Mabeka said there was nothing going on between them adding that they were only friends.
“This guy is obsessed, we advised him to get a peace order. They are on separation but he always beat her up, he thinks everyone is sleeping with his wife; we are only friends.”
Moussa further alleges that last Friday he spotted Mabeka downing ‘wise waters’ with Shirlima at Londoners Night Club following a tip off.
“I am living in fear my brother because Mabeka is taking advantage of my status being a foreigner to have sex with my wife in my matrimonial apartment,” said Moussa.
“I caught him seated on my bed with my wife and warned him about it and he threatened to deport me if I continue disturbing his illicit affair with my wife.
“My wife also threatened to get my businesses here closed and make me lose my residency permit after I warned her about her shenanigans.
“God blessed me with five children with this woman and I am legally married but Mabeka is threatening me saying he would use his connections to disturb my peace here.
Spencer Mabeka is accused of cheating with Shirlima
“He claimed that he is a member of the Central Intelligence Organisation and is able to get me deported within minutes.
“Mabeka is using a Chrysler vehicle (ADA 9963) and is always spotted picking my wife taking her for drinks at Londoner Night Club.
“I tracked them and found them among revellers at Londoners but no one was able to help me in confronting him since it was midnight.
“I feel cheated, abused and betrayed by Shirlima and Mabeka,” said Moussa in tears.

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