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Gigi Hadid and Family ‘Receive Death Threats’ over Palestine-Israeli Conflict

Supermodel, Gigi Hadid and her family have reportedly received death threats after sharing their support for Palestine online.



In the midst of the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the half-Palestinian model, 28, has been open about her sympathy for Palestinians.




Gigi, whose father, Mohamed Hadid, is Palestinian, was then chastised by Israel’s government for her pro-Palestinian posts.




It has now been discovered that Gigi and her family have received death threats as a result of their support for Palestine, forcing them to take action.




According to TMZ, Gigi and her family, which includes supermodel sister Bella, 27, brother Anwar, 24, and parents Yolanda and Mohamed, have all had to change their phone numbers as a result of the threats.



According to sources, the family has received awful threats via email, social media, and their phones after their phone numbers were allegedly released online.




It has also been reported that real estate developer Mohamed is considering reporting the murder threats to the FBI.



Mohamed also has children Marielle, 43, and Alana, 38, with his ex Mary Butler.



Since the terror organization Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, death tolls have climbed on both sides to 4,000.



Israel has since launched retaliatory strikes on the Gaza Strip and cut off electricity to the small area of land, which is home to over two million Palestinians.



Gigi voiced her support for the Palestinian people over the weekend as she posted a graphic to her Instagram Stories about the latest conflict.



It read: ‘There is nothing Jewish about the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians. Condemning the Israeli government is not antisemitic and supporting Palestinians is not supporting Hamas.’



Her father Mohamed also shared the same graphic to his own Instagram grid alongside the caption: ‘Just that simple.’ 



However, Israel’s government quickly skewered her position, posting on their Stories a response to Gigi’s commentary about the conflict.



It read: ‘There is nothing valiant about Hamas’ massacre of Israelis. Condemning Hamas for what it is (ISIS) is not anti-Palestine and supporting Israelis in their fight against barbaric terrorists is the right thing to do.’



The account of the State of Israel then directed comments at Gigi specifically, tagging her account and writing: ‘Have you been sleeping the past week?’



‘Or you just fine turning a blind eye to Jewish babies being butchered in their homes? Your silence has been very clear about where you stand. We see you.’



The Israeli government posted an image of what appeared to be a blood-stained floor next to children’s toys and wrote: ‘If you don’t condemn this your words mean NOTHING,’ again tagging Gigi.



In another post shared to her Instagram grid, Gigi shared her condolences with both her Palestinian and Jewish loved ones as she commented on the conflict.



She wrote: ‘My thoughts are with all those affected by this unjustifiable tragedy, and every day that innocent lives are taken by this conflict – too many of which are children.



‘I have deep empathy and heartbreak for the Palestinian struggle and life under occupation, it’s a responsibility I hold daily.

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