Fans Roast Tazanian Singer Diamond After Singing For Both Zari And Ex Wema Sepetu (Video)

Diamond Platnumz released a love song which he featured Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage dubbed Fire.

The song is already hitting the charts hard and topping them but what many have noticed is the fact that Diamond has sang for both Zari Hassan, his current baby mama and his ex girlfriend Wema Sepetu.

Let me take you back a little bit:

Wema Sepetu, former Miss Tanzania cum actress was in a romantic relationship with Diamond back in the day when he was an uprising artiste.

According to reports, the two tried getting kids, which was not successful. They would later call it quits terming irreconcilable differences.

Wema and Diamond

Weeks later Diamond and Ugandan-South African based businesswoman would be seen together, they would then admit that they are dating.

Now, Zari and Diamond are blessed with two gorgeous kids. This just sparked an ongoing beef between Zari and Wema as they keep on trolling each other on social media.

diamond and zari

What has shocked many is why Diamond would sing for both his ex and his baby mama. In his lyrics Diamond is heard saying.

“Niwe kama Tsunami, jinsi unatetema…Sura Zarina Hassan, Shape Sepetu Wema…I say you are fire baby”

Here is the video:

Check out fans reacting to these lyrics;

thalia Alita: maybe its showbiz but as for me I can’t stand that kind of disrespect. u don’t mention ur baby mama and ex bitch in the same

Wambui Yunny: haiya zari n wema in the same sentence….kunani huku?

Ray Nish: wait sepetu? Zari? warrishappenin here

Sarah Wasike: I don’t believe this is the diamond who sung ‘mbagala’ just miss the good old days….. siku hizi tunaimbiwa mathogothanio tu 😏😏😏

Naijat Yakub: Sura Zarinah Zari 😂 shepu sepetu wema😂 this dude has the gats. Love the art of the lyrics 👍🏽

angie isabel: Sura Zari Hassan, shepu Sepetu Wema,akinigusa Hamisa Mobetto 😂😂😂

conso kwadi: Wait!? Did he just do a call combo? Sepetu n Zari?…,confused boy

Justine Fundi: am I the only one who hear sepetu wema?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kelvin Brontoh: kama bado wamuimba wema basi bado una mapenzi kwenda kwake duh!!!! chibu dagote iko juuu

pennypeshable: Ati sura Kama ya Zari Hassan na shepu Kama ya Sepetu Sema! Mambo ndio Kama hayo basi

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