Boxer, Amir Khan’s Wife Calls Out Influencers Not Supporting Palestine Amid Israel-Hamas War

British boxer, Amir Khan’s wife has urged Instagram influencers to get behind the Palestinian cause before slamming Israel for Hamas attacks.

The influencer shared a number of pro-Palestine posts on Instagram, declaring: ‘Can we all just ask ourselves who started all this’.



She suggested that Israeli oppression of Palestinian people had been going on ‘for years and years and years’, adding: ‘Apparently All Lives Matter except those in Gaza’.



Faryal also slammed fellow influencers for not having ‘enough balls’ to speak out for Palestine in a series of Instagram stories that also included a plug for her ‘favourite’ beauty salon in Dubai.



She said: ‘If you’re afraid of showing support to Palestine because you don’t want to lose friends, followers or opportunities, then you’re part of the problem’.



One critic replied on Instagram: ‘Fight for what is right? By coming in and killing and murdering thousands of people at a music festival and then going on to kill innocent children? What if it was one of your children would you still feel the same? Shame on you your an absolute disgrace of a person’. But there were also many followers who praised her stance. 



Yesterday her husband claimed people are ‘scared’ to come out in support of Palestine amid an ongoing war with Israel.



Khan took to social media platform X to say, in a lengthy post, that ‘Palestinian lives matter’ and that he has ‘never been scared to speak’ his mind.  


‘My entire career, my aim was to become a world champion and use my fame and influence to make a positive change in the world,’ his post began.



‘I’ve never been scared to speak my mind and stand up for the down trodden. Recently when Ukraine was attacked by Russia, I personally flew to Poland to support the Ukrainian refugees who had been displaced by the effects of war. 



‘So many people spoke up about these atrocities but as the world watches what is unfolding in Palestine, I see so many of my peers, friends and colleagues who are remaining silent. Why? 



‘It’s become apparent that people are scared to show their support for Palestine and what’s worse is that it’s my own people who are talking down to me for supporting the innocent lives being lost.’



He added: ‘Palestinian lives matter. The world will remember who spoke up and who didn’t. And God will remember who stayed silent while innocent Muslims blood was spilled. 



‘If any one kills a person – it would be as if he killed the whole of humanity: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole of humanity.’ *Quran 5:32*’ 



Khan is the latest prominent sports star to have shown support for Palestinians in the wake of the conflict in the region following the attacks by terror group Hamas in Israel on Saturday.


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