Black Entrepreneur Expands Her Brand to Over 700 Grocery Stores in the US

When the world thought it had reached its peak in terms of wellness and empowerment, Pennie’s Tea, a Black-owned brand launched by indomitable CEO Pennie Crockett, shattered yet another barrier. The empowering “Heal & Empower” collection includes the “What Tea Is For Me” line. Pennie’s Tea is now building a name for itself by taking over shelves in over 700 retail establishments, including The Fresh Market, Gelson’s, Giant Foods, Bristol Farms, and Mariano’s.

Pennie’s Tea, a global brand known for its convergence of wellness and social action, introduces functional teas designed specifically for the health-conscious consumer. This new brand combines the finest of science, sommelier knowledge, and soulfulness to create BIG & BOLD flavors that fire your well-being and passion.

Pennie, a former Health Science Professor from Chicago, has always been a disruptor. She’s broken down boundaries in the male-dominated beverage sector, earning her product a hallowed space where only 3% of Black female entrepreneurs are found. “We craft each blend with purpose and passion, combining exquisite flavors with unparalleled quality,” declares Pennie.

“What Tea is For Me” is not just another product; it’s an activism you can taste. A portion of every sale fuels the Crisis Center for Women in Domestic Violence. “Every sip is a step toward healing and empowerment. We’re not just in the tea business; we’re in the business of transforming lives,” she says.

Why settle for the mundane when you can taste something spectacular? Your taste senses and spirit will both appreciate you for flavors like Ginger Peach Blast, Tropical Bliss, and Strawberry Kisses.

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