AU Postpones Mission To Gabon


Gabon Foreign Minister Emmanuel Ngondet stated that the African Union mission to mediate between President Ali Bongo and Jean Ping scheduled to begin Friday has been postponed, BBC Live reports.

Ngondet at a press conference said that Chad’s President, Idriss Deby has demanded more time to consult with other heads of state, including Macky Sall of Senegal and Denis Sassou Nguessoof the Republic of Congo who are planned to accompany him.

No new date has yet been given for the delegation to continue with its peace-talking mission in the Central African country.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Jean Ping haslodged an appeal with the constitutional court against what he labelled as a rigged presidential elections last month.

According to an earlier News24 report, Ping, who seeks to unseat the family that has ruled this oil-rich Central African country for more than four decades, already has publicly declared himself the winner.

Official election results said incumbent President Ali Bongo won the August 27 vote by less than 2 percentage points. There is no provision for a runoff in Gabon.

Gabon’s UN Ambassador Michael Moussa-Adamo told The Associated Press that there may be a government announcement Friday about the constitutional court.

He accused Ping of trying to rig the election and said the government has a confession from someone who allegedly helped his party hack the results.

“We have mountains of evidence of tampering from neighboring countries” to help Ping “steal the election,” Moussa-Adamo said. “It’s covert and documented.”

The EU observer commission has said that in addition to not having full access to all districts within Bongo’s stronghold Haut-Ogooue province, voter turnout there appeared inflated.

According to the country’s electoral commission, the province saw a 99.93% turnout, with 95% voting in favor of Bongo.

The EU noted that would mean only 47 people in the province would not have voted.

Other provinces showed a 48% voter turnout on average, the EU said.

Gabon’s ex-justice minister, Seraphin Moundounga, who resigned from his position earlier this week made a startling claim that there had been attempts on his life since he made the announcement.

Moundounga resigned on Monday this week over government’s refusal to recount controversial ballots that saw protests and allegations of fraud after President Ali Bongo was re-elected by a slim margin.

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