Atlanta Man Walks Off Date After Woman Ate 48 Oysters on First Date

A woman claimed that a man asked her out on a first date for drinks. However, she ended up ordering and devouring 48 oysters, forcing her companion to refuse to pay the bill. On TikTok, the woman, who goes by Equana, said she agreed to meet her date for a drink after he had been contacting her for “weeks.”

Equana stated that she chose Fontaine’s Oyster House for the date because it serves the “best oysters in Atlanta hands down.” On Tuesdays, oysters are $15 a dozen, so Equana ordered four dozen (48 oysters). On TikTok, Equana recorded herself slurping oysters.

When the fourth platter of a dozen oysters came, “he was looking at me crazy,” Equana said.

Equana requested potatoes and crabcakes in addition to the oysters and cocktails. Her date eventually got up to go the restroom but never returned. Equana was forced to settle the $185 tab, and she later texted her date, “Running out on a tab is crazyyy.”

He replied, “I offered to take you out for drinks and you ordered all that food. I can cashapp the total for the drinks.”

Many social media users have agreed with the man. “He literally said can we meet for drinks, then you proceeded to slurp down half the ocean,” one user wrote.

“If you eat 48 oysters in a day you are a walrus,” another commented.

The restaurant’s manager, Kelcey Flanagan, told Rolling Stone that eating 48 oysters is “pretty impressive” but nothing new.

“She had she had a good time, and, you know, it was just another Tuesday,” Flanagan said of her customer. “We all had a laugh about it. We didn’t think it would go this crazy, especially being from Atlanta. You watch it and you realize how Atlanta-esque it is. I think a lot of people that maybe aren’t from here saw a little taste of it.”

“She was nice,” Flanagan added. “I just hope she’s not getting too much flak.”

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