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American Reality Star, Brittish Williams Sentenced To 4 Years Behind Bars For Fraud

Brittish Cierrah Williams, an American reality star, has been sentenced to four years in prison for her involvement in tax fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, and pandemic-related schemes.



The former Basketball Wives star pleaded guilty to 15 felonies, including five counts of misusing a Social Security number, four counts of bank fraud, three counts of making false statements to the IRS, and three counts of wire fraud, according to a statement from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Missouri.



“Brittish Williams was punished today, not for fraud, but for her celebrity,” Williams’ attorney, Beau Brindley, tells PEOPLE. “The Court chose to treat her more harshly due to her status as a public figure rather than treating similarly situated defendants equally.” 



“Ms. Williams success is not a crime subject to enhanced penalty. And we will challenge this sentence through every legal means available,” Brindley said.



In addition to the four-year jail sentence, Williams, 33, was sentenced to five years of supervised release and forced to pay $564,069 in restitution.



The ruling on Tuesday comes after Brindley proposed an 18-month sentence and the pre-sentence inquiry report recommended a 63-month prison sentence.



“You knew what you were doing. You knew it was wrong and you did it anyway,” U.S. District Judge Henry Autrey told Williams during the sentencing hearing.



“Not only are you out there for people to watch your entertainment, but also for people to watch you. … That’s a big obligation,” Autrey said, per Riverfront News.



Williams pleaded in her plea agreement to underreporting her income on tax forms from 2017 to 2019, as well as falsely designating a niece and nephew as dependents, which allowed her to avoid paying $29,366 in taxes.



The reality TV personality also “fraudulently used Social Security numbers that were not assigned to her to open accounts with credit card companies and banks,” according to the US Attorney’s Office. Williams failed to pay the accounts she opened, causing numerous victims to lose $28,537.



Prosecutors claim that the stolen Social Security numbers were also used to commit bank fraud after Williams deposited cheques and took money from the victims. This resulted in an additional loss of $23,850.



The Basketball Wives star also applied for nine Economic Injury Disaster Loans, which were designed to assist suffering businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Williams lied about her business income, payroll, and criminal past. According to her plea deal, this resulted in $144,400 in loan proceeds, which she then used to fund a luxury lifestyle.



Williams received $52,647 in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program, which is used by small businesses to cover up to eight weeks of payroll expenditures, including benefits.



Williams was charged in 2021 and has subsequently registered for the California COVID-19 Rent Relief program. She allegedly claimed to be a California resident with a total annual household income of $50,000, and that because of the epidemic, she was unable to pay her rent owing to a “reduction in hours of work,” according to authorities. She was paid $27,801.



Williams had not filed annual tax returns since her 2021 conviction and had designated herself as “exempt” on a paperwork with her old radio station employer. According to prosecutors, this resulted in no taxes being withheld from her $90,000 paycheck.



Prosecutors said she also submitted false medical invoices to at least one insurance carrier, which resulted in her, her co-conspirators, or both earning $139,479.92.

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