Actor Michael Ward Reflects on Soccer Prowess and Pride in ‘The Beautiful Game’.

British actor Michael Ward, known for his roles in “Top Boy” and now starring in “The Beautiful Game,” shares insights into his soccer skills and his pride in the movie in a recent interview.

In response to questions about his soccer abilities, Ward modestly admits, “I mean, I’m decent. No one likes to blow their own trumpet but you know, I feel like I did everything in the movie that I needed to do apart from one skill. So I feel like I’m at a good enough level in football.” Despite his self-assurance, he humorously acknowledges his best friend’s critique of his skills, stating, “Obviously I got a friend, I got a best friend that plays professionally, and he says I’m s**t.”

Ward’s confidence shines through as he discusses his role in “The Beautiful Game,” expressing satisfaction with the film’s development. He says, “Yeah, I’m really proud of it,” and believes that everyone involved in the film feels the same way. Reflecting on the film’s influence, he expresses thanks for being a part of a story with the power to inspire and affect change, underlining its importance beyond personal validation.

“The Beautiful Game” follows the England soccer team’s journey through the Homeless World Cup, using inspiration from players’ real-life experiences. Ward plays Vinny, a character whose journey from almost becoming a professional football player to homelessness is recounted in the film. Ward’s portrayal of Vinny is based on sincerity, conveying the spirit of the character’s hardships and achievements.

“The Beautiful Game,” directed by Thea Sharrock and written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, promises to be a riveting story full of endurance and optimism. The video, set to be released on Netflix on March 29, 2024, invites audiences on a journey of empathy and compassion, highlighting sport’s ability to transform lives.

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