A Historic Moment: Black Woman Connects 8,400 Fatherless Kids with Their Biological Fathers

The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc. (TFGF)’s Founder & CEO, Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton, is celebrating the reunion of 8,400 fatherless children with 3,281 biological fathers. She feels that fatherlessness causes an identity crisis, as well as a plethora of other emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual concerns.

Dr. Torri J. grew up without her biological father before reuniting with him at the age of 31. She comments, “Finding my biological father at 31 years old caused me to discover my identity and realize the significance of a father’s role in our lives. I believe, if possible, all human beings should have the same opportunity I was provided. By reuniting with my biological father I was positioned to heal from the trauma fatherlessness introduced!”

Her reconciliation with her father served as both a catalyst and a pattern for assisting fatherless children in doing the same. Her pain as a fatherless child and her healing from that pain inspired her to establish her organization and reunite fatherless children with their biological fathers.

“Fatherlessness is an indoctrination into trauma and dysfunctional behavior that is normalized within certain communities leaving children wanting a daddy so bad, but afraid to reunite with him,” says Dr. Torri J. Her foundation normalizes reunification, has a vision of Eradicating Fatherlessness Through Reunification, and helps its clients with a step-by-step action plan to getting the successful reunite the child within their desires.

To learn more about Dr. Torri J. and The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc., visit the official website at

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