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Prince Harry and King Charles Need Nothing Short of a Miracle for Peace Talks – Royal Analysts

Sussex sources told the New York Post that reports claiming Prince Harry and King Charles III will have peace talks in the fall are inaccurate. (Loic Venance/AFP via Getty Images)

Prince Harry is set to visit Europe in September, but “peace talks” with King Charles III are unlikely, according to royal analysts.

According to OK! Magazine, the father and son will meet secretly on September 17. The date is noteworthy since it corresponds with the conclusion of the Duke of Sussex’s Invictus Games tour to Düsseldorf and the return of the King to London from Balmoral.

Meghan Markle is set to join her husband in Germany, according to Glamour magazine.

However, Sussex sources denied the report to the New York Post.

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as well as Buckingham Palace, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital. Several royal analysts told Fox News Digital that they do not believe a “peace summit” is taking place between the queen and “the spare.”

“The person I spoke to about this, they poured quite a lot of scorn on it, and we’re not at that stage yet from either side,” said royal expert Duncan Larcombe.

Larcombe said it would take “nothing short of a miracle” for Harry, 38, and Charles, 74, to come together and repair their relationship.

“Feelings between Prince William and Prince Harry are still running so strong that I think King Charles would think long and hard about going behind William’s back and trying to make peace with Harry,” he explained. “I just don’t think that time has come yet. I’m not saying it never will. But I think we’re a long way off.”

Larcombe alleged that when the royals ultimately agree to a meeting, the Duchess of Sussex will not be present. When she married Prince Harry in 2018, the former American actress became the Duchess of Sussex.

“If … they do have a summit, that will only happen on the basis that it’s in the strictest confidence and the details of that conversation would never go anywhere else,” Larcombe explained. “I just don’t think that they would trust Meghan. … You can’t have a full and frank conversation with Harry and run the risk of it being broadcast in America soon after. That’s a trust thing.”

“The royals do not trust Meghan,” he said. “And I think they’ve already got quite a good reason not to trust her at this point.”

In 2020, the couple announced their retirement as senior royals, citing the British media’s “unbearable intrusions and racist attitudes.” That year, they relocated to the rich coastal city of Montecito, California.

The couple sat for a two-hour television interview with Oprah Winfrey, produced a six-part Netflix docuseries about their relationship, and Harry released his best-selling novel, “Spare.”

According to Christopher Andersen, author of “The King,” the monarch is being careful due to the couple’s history of publicizing grievances. Andersen stated that his current emphasis is on the monarchy’s future.

“The king has moved on,” Andersen added. “He and Queen Camilla are using the popularity of the royals they can most trust – Princess Anne, Prince Edward, but most importantly, Prince William and Kate Middleton – to bolster the monarchy’s image.”

“King Charles hasn’t written off Harry entirely,” Andersen shared. “I’m sure Charles would welcome his prodigal son back into the fold under the right circumstances. But as a practical matter, Charles has bigger fish to fry. He must address the fact that he does not have the same grassroots support that his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, had. His subjects would rather have William and Kate as their king and queen — and soon, not years from now. In the meantime, support for the institution of the monarchy itself is beginning to crumble.

“At the same time, Harry shows no sign of capitulating either,” Andersen continued. “He has made an entirely new life for himself. The king would only agree to speak with Harry if Harry agreed to keep their conversations private. It would be completely out of character for Harry to agree to be muzzled now. He’s made it pretty clear over the last couple of years that he’s all about getting his side of the story out there, regardless of the consequences.”

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