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WATCH: Man Dumps Girlfriend After Chris Brown Gave Her Lap Dance

TikTok user, Dashthelth, surprised internet users when he admitted that Chris Brown was to blame for his split with his girlfriend.

About 22 million people have watched a TikTok video where the young man narrated his heartbreak story.

Dash and his girlfriend went to see Chris Brown perform, and the singer called the woman on stage for a lap dance.

The girl appeared to have enjoyed the singer’s brief performance and Chris’ busy provocative gestures and tactile behaviour in the TikTok video.

About 10,000 people commented on the video, most of whom thought it was embarrassing and some wanted an update on what transpired when the man saw his girl become touchy with the singer.

The man announced that he had broken up with his girlfriend because she saw nothing wrong with what she did with Chris Brown.

See comments below:

Underrated_Dom shared: “The crazy part is women are the only ones that think this is acceptable behaviour because it’s a popular celebrity. Disrespecting your relationship is never a big deal to a lot of women. Let a man do something and say it’s innocent fun, it’s the end of the world.”

88CAMINO posted: “How do you compromise a whole relationship for 30 seconds of clout?”

K1ng_rell replied: “He ain’t wrong she is for the streets ”

JZMarsh79 commented: “If you want to do things single people do, then don’t get into a relationship.”

JayCartere said: “I don’t want a girl that wants to go on stage getting grinded on while in a relationship with me. She also wouldn’t be happy if Ariana Grande was grinding on me on stage in front of her.”

Watch the video below:


Chris Brown recently sparked fury after he grabbed former reality show star Natalia Zoppa by the throat during a l@p dance in Manchester. The singer has a history of domestic vi0lence from 2009, when he as$aulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna. #catchupnews #chrisbrown #breakup #singer

♬ Under The Influence – Chris Brown


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