South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma Bans Citizens Of 9 African Countries From Entering South Africa… See List

Zuma's Travel Ban

The South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma have pulled a massive shocker on African countries after announcing an immediate ban on all citizens from other Southern African countries.

The news medium reports that with immediate effect, citizens from these countries will no longer be allowed in South Africa in what Zuma called a temporary freeze:

1. Angola

2. Botswana,

3. Lesotho

4. Malawi

5. Mozambique

6. Namibia

7. Swaziland

8. Zambia

9. Zimbabwe.

The news was greeted with resistance from various stakeholders and diplomats from the affected countries are said to have called an emergency meeting. Speaking from the parliament, Jacob Zuma said the countries in Southern Africa are responsible for the rampant job loss among local South Africans.

“I want South Africans to have jobs before others but it’s the other way round. Why should my child suffer while my neighbor’s child eats in my field?”, Zuma reportedly said.

Another reason that Zuma highlighted was the alarming crime rates. He said foreigners from neighboring countries commit crimes and run away from their countries, mostly illegals.

“All foreigners currently in South Africa from the affected countries will be vetted and if found to have contravened, they will be sent home immediately”, he announced.

There was no word on how the affected countries would respond to Zuma’s shock announcement.


Source: Live Monitor

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  1. That is the most dumbest thing the President has done – it might be temporal but those countries he has issued a temporary freeze are the very countries who supported ANC, PNAC during their struggle for liberation – people in Zambia, Angola and Botswana were bombed by the then South African army for harbouring Freedom fighters whom they termed terrorists and how does his royal highness repay these people? In Zimbabwe those who didn’t know what went down – the arms caches which were found in Matebeleland were arms which were to be used by the MK which were looked after by the ZIPRA cades – the people of Matebeleland paid a high price for that as Mugabe sent in the demonic Gugurahundi – that will explain how Mugabe got to know about the arms buried around that region – SA couldn’t attack Zimbabwe as Mugabe had just signed the NKOMATI Accord – with the regime in SA – Lessons obviously haven’t been learnt by comrade Zuma – the people of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and Angola have traditional and back grounds in SA – go back into the history books you will find that most of the people that Mzilikazi, Zwangendaba and Sotshangane led people they ruled over into present Zimbabwe, Botswana – Malawi and Zambia – so these people have a stake and every right to be in SA – this world is ours to share, what has happened to Ubuntu?

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