12-Year-Old Teen Who Featured on ‘Steve Harvey Show’ Finally Launches His Own TV Show

Nicholas Buamah, 12, is best remembered for his performance on the Steve Harvey Show when he was just eight years old. He has written three best-selling novels and offered healthcare insurance to over 3,500 Ghanaian youngsters. And now, this young philanthropist is breaking into the realm of family-friendly television with his own show, Nick’s House, which will debut on Thanksgiving Day. This makes him one of the youngest people to executive produce a TV episode, demonstrating his outstanding talents and dedication to making a positive difference.

Nicholas successfully led a team of experts to produce the pilot episode of Nick’s House, working with Hollywood heavyweight director LaMont Ferrell, assistant director Reshaun Jones, and producer Toiya Tillman. Nicholas appears alongside his buddies Janae Madison, Seree’ Abellard, Cavanaugh Bell, and Bailey Love.

After turning down contract offers that seemed to undervalue the project, Nicholas and his actively involved mother, Danielle, have decided to self-release the show on Thanksgiving Day, with the goal of reaching a global audience and gaining community support. They believe Nick’s House serves a greater purpose and wanted to distribute it on their own terms.

The teenage entrepreneur has designed goods to sell in order to gather funds to produce a whole season of his TV show, as well as launched a GoFundMe campaign. Nicholas is pushing the community to support his project because it portrays black youngsters positively and exemplifies black greatness at its best. Representation is important.

Nicholas hopes to one day film future episodes of Nick’s House at Tyler Perry Studios in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

On Thanksgiving Day, the show will be available for streaming on Nicholas’ online platforms MotherHubbard.TV and YouTube, allowing audiences all around the world to watch. Nicholas urges parents to bring in their children’s acting reels so that they can be featured in future episodes of the family-friendly sitcom.

“The sky is not the limit. There is no limit to your greatness,” says Nicholas.

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