Zimbabwe: Nyamadzawo Inspire Readers In New Book

Motivational speaker and essayist Simba Nyamadzawo has distributed his first novel titled “Tatenda”. This takes after an effective gathering of his two motivational books “Faithprenuership” and “Administration Wisdom”.

The new book is intended to rouse and propel perusers while inventively breaking the limits of the general motivational books which are for the most part direction manuals.

Nyamadzawo said he adopted the novel strategy to contend with a vast convergence of motivational essayists that have jumped up

“Roughly 200 motivational essayists have jumped up in the previous couple of years and a large portion of them continue counterfeiting work. I needed to be not quite the same as them by rousing through a novel, and furthermore it’s difficult to duplicate a story consequently my book Tatenda,” he said.

The novel, a 64 pager containing approximately 20 000 words took Nyamadzawo six months to write. It was published by his company Gumiguru Incorporated.

In trying to make his work different, Nyamadzawo said he wrote for a Zimbabwean audience.

“Most inspirational work is influenced or written by foreigners but Tatenda really relates to many Zimbabweans. There is part of everyone’s life in that book,” he said.

He added that the book has messages of hope, determination and resilience while it has lessons in love, the importance of relationships and financial literacy. Though written mainly for a local audience, the underlying principles are universally acceptable.

“Tatenda is too Zimbabwean and too modern that if you were to rewind time to 2012 someone who reads won’t make sense of it. It is current to that extent,” said Nyamadzawo.

He believes his book is good enough to be introduced in schools. “I would love my book to be introduced in schools. It’s relevant enough for pupils as young as 14 and it’s written in very simple English,” he said.

Nyamadzawo is a respected author, professional speaker and management consultant who has been in the business for over a decade. Hailing from Domboshava, he dreams of inspiring people to reach their fullest potential.

His previous work has been endorsed by influential people in the country among them Dr Shingi Munyeza, Charles Magaisa and his mentor Rabson Shumba.

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