Wayne Rooney’s Wife Want Him To Take A Leave From Everton…Her Reason Will Touch Your Emotion

Following the speculation about the rift between Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen,there’s is a fresh rumour that claim Coleen,31 has asked her husband to request ‘sympathetic leave’ from Everton manager Ronald Koeman so they can get away together to work things out.


According to, Wayne, 31, could miss a string of first-team games if his leave was approved.

The Sun quotes a friend as saying: ‘Coleen wants them to get away as a family. She thinks it’s important to get away from the area and try and spend some time together – him, her and the kids.

‘In the midst of it all they haven’t been able to do that and, to work through their problems, she feels they need to get away.’

They added that if Wayne’s requested leave isn’t approved now they will have to wait until the international break next month – which could potentially put him off his game.‘He’s in the wrong headspace to play and the pressure is showing,’ the friend continued.

‘If Wayne wants to save his marriage, it’s time to put the football in second place.’

Jetting off on holiday together might cause friction between the couple, as Wayne is said to have asked Coleen to cut back on the amount of holidays she takes. In exchange he apparently vowed to curb his partying.

Wayne and Coleen, who have been married since 2008, hit another rocky patch after Wayne was arrested for drink-driving. He was driving the car of 29-year-old office worker Laura Simpson at the time.

The couple are expecting their fourth child, and already sons have Kai, Klay and Kit.

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