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WATCH: Nigerian Comic Actor, Mr. Ibu, Begs For Help Over Health Challenge

John Okafor, the Nigerian comic actor known as Mr. Ibu, has requested financial aid due to a physical ailment.

The acclaimed actor said he is suffering a life-threatening illness in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday.

Ibu, who talked from a hospital bed, said he had been hospitalized for several weeks.

If all other possibilities were exhausted, the doctor advised him to have his leg amputated.

Although the nature of the ailment was not divulged, Ibu asked Nigerians for prayers and financial support.

“I have been down for so many weeks. And I am hoping for your prayers and assistance. As I am speaking to you, I am still lying down in the hospital,” he said.

“The medical director of this hospital said the best solution is, in case his idea did not work, the best idea is to cut off my leg.

“See me. If they cut off my leg where will I go to? Please, be in the prayers for me. I do not want my leg to be cut off. Thank you so much. God bless you.”


In the video, the thespian’s family said he is not getting better and needs to be flown abroad for better treatment.

Jasmine Okafor said the family has exhausted all their financial resources, hence the public appeal.

“Good day Nigerians. We want to appeal that at this point, as a family, we want to appeal that people should come to daddy’s aid and rescue,” she said.

“So, for the past two weeks, daddy has been very down. We took him to the hospital. Personally, I have been sorting the bills.

“Thinking it is something I can do alone. My mummy and I have been at the hospital for the past two weeks now.

“The kids are at home. We have been doing everything humanly possible to make sure daddy gets back on his feet.

“We thought it is something we could actually sort it out on our own. But he is not getting better. Some days it looks like he is better, other days it looks like it is getting worse. As we speak now, we are at the hospital.

“They want to refer us to another hospital because he is not getting better. And we are at one of the best private hospitals in Lagos.

“So we appeal that if there are any individuals or any organisation that can at least fly daddy abroad to get better treatment. Because this is not the first time daddy has been down like this.

“We need people that will come together. If possible fly him abroad so that he can get better treatment.”

Last year, Ibu was down with an undisclosed ailment that made him take a break from acting.

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