US Envoy Denies Visas To ‘orrupt’ Kenya officials

The US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec has reportedly announced that corrupt Kenyan politicians and government officials would be denied visas into the United States.

According to Kenyans, Godec made the announcement on Tuesday.

He said that the US was committed to assisting President Kenyatta Uhuru’s government in combating corruption, which had drastically undermined the east African country’s economic growth.

“I will continue denying visas to the US for Kenyans who are deemed corrupt,” Godec was quoted as saying.

“We acknowledge that a number of people have been prosecuted over corruption related issues but a lot more needs to happen. We should have independent and quick investigations and those found guilty should go to prison or handed severe punishment”.

In 2015 the US imposed travel bans on Kenyans who were implicated in corruption, Daily Nationreported.

“There are individuals who cannot go to the US as a consequence of their involvement in corruption,” Godec was quoted as saying at the time.

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