Tigray Crisis: EU Suspends Aid To Ethiopia

Ethiopians fleeing intense fighting in their homeland of Tigray, gather in the bordering Sudanese village 8, east of the town of Gadaref, on November 13, 2020. - Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, winner of last year's Nobel Peace Prize, ordered military operations in Tigray last week, shocking the international community which fears the start of a long and bloody civil war. (Photo by Ebrahim HAMID / AFP)

The European Union has postponed nearly €90m ($110m; £81m) in budget support payments to Ethiopia due to concerns over the crisis in the Tigray region.

European Commission spokeswoman Ana Pisonero-Hernandez told the BBC there were five conditions for the aid to be resumed:

  • Granting full humanitarian access for aid workers to reach people in need in all affected areas
  • Allowing civilians to seek refuge in neighbouring countries
  • Ethnically targeted measures and hate speech must stop
  • Mechanisms to monitor, and investigate allegations of, human rights violations
  • Communication lines and media access to Tigray should be fully re-established.

She said the decision “does not affect EU humanitarian programmes on the ground or other development actions”.

Government forces have been battling Tigray fighters since 4 November.

Hundreds, even thousands, of people are thought to have been killed in the conflict, while about 50,000 have fled to neighbouring Sudan.

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