South Africa: How I Keep My Cool – Star, Andile Ncube

Media personality Andile Ncube has been steaming up our airwaves for longer than most of us can remember. In that time, he’s rarely let us see him sweat.

We caught up with him to find out how he keeps cool.

Media is a high-intensity environment. How do you stay calm and dry under pressure?

I always stay calm and dry. I’m the José Mourinho of life. I know that whatever will be will be and what won’t, won’t. So, I don’t stress about things. I’m just calm and cool all the time. What Shield does for me is add that extra layer of confidence. As far as staying calm and dry goes, they should put my face on the bottle.

December is known as a month when people let themselves go. How do you stay fit and fresh for 31 Saturdays?

I don’t let myself go much. I don’t drink alcohol or sugars. I do yoga. People talk about summer bodies, but I don’t think you should train or try to get a certain body for a particular time. I think you should live a healthy life, rather than have a need to fit into a bikini during a particular time.

Do you have any ‘summer body’ fitness tips for us?

Lol. Look, I think fake it till you make it. Breathe in for all your pictures: whatever it takes to look good on the ’gram.

Has Shield ever helped you out of an awkward situation?

I never let it get too funky. I keep one deodorant in my car and another in my bag, so as soon I feel a little uncomfortable, I put some on. I play seven-a-side football and I don’t always have time to go home, shower and then go looking for food. From football, I’ll get in the car and go wherever to get food, then go home. Now imagine sweating from football and going to a restaurant. It can get a bit tricky. So, I always get into the car, grab whichever do I have, and then go. That works for me.

Which Shield variant is your favourite?

I mix it up often, but I think it would have to be the Shield Invisible Fresh. I like that. It doesn’t have a strong scent, per se, and it blends well with my natural pheromones, which is important to me. It keeps me dry and protected – and there are zero stains. Which Shield do the ladies enjoy most on you?

I do use the Shield Invisible Fresh a lot, so I would have to say that is the one. It is important to me to not only not have a bad odour, but also to smell fresh, while still a little natural. It’s not a put-on cologne kind of smell. I’m a Durban boy, so I like to smell as if I’ve just come off the beach all the time.

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

It would be the ability to end poverty: to get every single person in life starting off on an equal footing. What they do with that is up to them, but what I would want is to be able to create a situation where we are all full and all dressed, and all come from homes where we can wash and have a warm bed to sleep in. From there, it could be truly up to us what we do in life.

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