Nigerian Singer, Omah Lay Addresses Critics Who Think His Music ‘Can Lead to Depression’

Omah Lay, the Nigerian artist, has responded to critics who believe his music “can lead to depression”.

Since revealing his struggle with depression, the artist has generated conversations on social media.

In a 2022 tweet, Omah Lay expressed sentiments of uneasiness, fear, and melancholy.

He also stated that he was losing his mind and contemplated suicide.

His 2023 project ‘Reason’ sparked questions about his mental health because to its thoughtful lyrics.

“I do not know who to run to right now. What is the reason you do not have your own peace of mind?,” he sings.

Fans on X have tagged the singer’s music as “depressing”.

Some critics also suggested that listening to his songs might intensify feelings of depression for those experiencing mental struggles.

“Omah Lay songs 🤝 Broke depressed Boys with high libido,” a user wrote.

“If you are depressed listen to omah lay to boost your depression,” another user wrote.

In an interview with Beat FM London, the singer said he does not mind how people label his music, as long as they enjoy it.

He added that he views his music as art, and would rather have listeners interpret and appreciate it in their way.

“I do not care what anybody wants to tag it as long as you enjoy the music,” he wrote.

“If you feel like it is Afro-depression, I am okay with that as long as you enjoy the music. Some other people would dance to it.

“It is art. That is what I make and I just leave the world to enjoy how they want to enjoy it.”

Omah Lay gained fame in 2020 following the release of hits ‘You’ and ‘Bad Influence’.

He has won a plethora of awards and recognition.

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